Administering courses in Spaces Learning involves two main tasks: Cohort Management and Course Setup. 

What is Spaces Learning?

Spaces Learning is an AI-powered, fully integrated digital Teaching and Learning Experience Platform (LXP). It unifies content, collaboration, and experiential learning in a way that engages learners and increases the effectiveness of Onboarding, Upskilling, and Reskilling initiatives. There are three main pages in Spaces Learning:

My Learning

This page displays all the user’s assigned learning experiences (Cohorts), across the enterprise.


This is where learners access content and activities – via Skills that contain learning Resources. Skills are organized within learning Paths.


This page is where learners collaborate – they can share comments, content, and even meet live in a virtual space.

Watch this video to see an example of Spaces Learning in action!

What is the Quick Editor?

The Quick Editor tool allows you to rapidly build and update course content and learning experiences, directly in the Spaces Learning interface. (You will use this tool for most of the administrative functions described in this guide.) Admin users can activate this tool by clicking the Preview/Edit button in the upper right corner.

Watch this video to learn more about this tool.

Courses (Content) vs. Cohorts (Experiences)

A key concept to understand when authoring in Spaces Learning is the difference between Courses and Cohorts. Courses are designated packages of content (aka "Journeys"), and Cohorts are experiences that map to those content journeys. When you build out a Course, you are designating the content in a series of Paths and Skills, all packaged within a “Product.” Think of a Product as a “catalog” of all the course content in a particular subject matter, skill track or curriculum. Products and Courses are not limited to a single cohort or time-based learning experience. 


Cohorts, on the other hand, are learning experiences that are specific to a particular time and/or group of learners. Multiple cohorts may map to the same skill or mix of skills. Or they may map to the same content paths, but different skills (see example below). There’s no limit to the number of Cohorts that can map to the same Paths and Skills.