You can use the Quick Editor to create the structure (learning paths and skills) for your new course.

1. Click on your test cohort to open the course.

Switch to Edit Mode

2. The cohort’s Journey screen displays, with no course structure (learning paths or skills). Click the Edit/Preview toggle to switch to edit mode.

Add Learning Paths

3. The page switches into ‘Edit’ mode. Click + Add Path.


4. Enter the Name of the learning path. Enter a Category to attach to the learning path. (This is the equivalent of a “course” and is useful for organizing paths and skills and mapping to cohorts.) 

Optional: enter a learning path description

Click Save.

NOTE: If there’s only one learning path in a course, it will usually have the same name as the course/category.

Add Skills (Lessons)

5. The new learning path is displayed. Now it’s time to add skills to the path. Click + Add Skill.

6. Enter a Name for the skill. Then click Save.

7. Repeat steps 5-6 for any other skills you want to add.

Re-position a Skill

To re-position a skill, just click on the grabber icon in the lower right area of the skill and then drag the skill to the desired position.

Re-position a Path

To re-position a learning path, just click on the grabber icon in the lower right area of the path and then drag it to the desired position.

Edit Paths and Skills

To edit the properties for a Path or Skill, click the associated context menu icon. Then select Edit.

Remove a Path or Skill

To remove an existing Path or Skill, click the context menu at the lower left corner. Then select Delete.

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