The Live Session is a virtual collaboration environment where you can provide live, synchronous training and instruction to your cohort.

Access the Live Session Environment

1. Launch the cohort and then select the Stream option in the top menu. 

2. Click the Start Live Session button.

3. The Live Session environment loads. 

  1. As participants arrive and enable their webcams, their video image will appear in the main display area.
  2. Your own webcam will display in the upper right corner.
  3. The People panel displays a list of all cohort participants. Those currently in the Live Session are marked with a green dot and display video and sound status icons. Also, a “Mute All” option is available to the instructor in this panel.
  4. Various meeting controls are available to participants at the bottom of the screen: Noise Reduction, Hang Up (leave meeting), Share Screen, Block Camera, Mute Audio, Start/Stop Recording, and More Options. A couple of these controls are explained further below

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Share Screen

You can share your entire monitor, a specific application window, or a specific tab in your browser. For example, you can select a PowerPoint slideshow to share.

NOTE: By default, PowerPoint slideshows will display full-screen, which is not optimal for a virtual meeting. We recommend not using slideshow mode, or changing the slide show display mode to “window” or “kiosk.” (Practice with various settings before your actual live session.

Select the option you want, then click Share.

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More Options/Device Settings

Clicking More Options will open the ‘Device Settings’ panel. Here you can select different options for your Camera, Microphone, and Speaker. 

Click OK once the settings are as desired.

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Chat Panel, Video Layout, Recording Indicator

  1. Click the Chat tab to view the Chat panel. Here, participants can share comments, links, and files.
  2. Click the layout icon to change how the participant videos are displayed on your screen. The options are: Automatic, Grid, Concert, Lecture, and Lecture Panel.
  3. When the video is being recorded, an indicator is displayed to all participants for their awareness and consent.

1. When the live session is over, click Hang Up to leave the meeting. Click Yes in the ‘Hang Up’ confirmation box.

2. If the live session was recorded, a video recording of the meeting will automatically appear in the Stream. Cohort participants can watch the video directly in the Stream, or they can download it to their local device to watch it later on.

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