The Stream is the main hub for asynchronous collaboration with your cohort.

Access the Stream

1. On the My Learning screen, click the card for your cohort

2. The Journey screen loads. Click on Stream in the top menu.

3. The Stream page opens.

  1. Stream panel – this is where you will share announcements, feedback, tips, and bonus learning content for your learners. They will use this area to post questions, comments, ideas, and content of their own.
  2. Stream panel controls – use these controls to submit comments and attach files to the Stream
  3. Start Live Session button – use this button to start a Live Session (virtual class) with your learners
  4. Upcoming Assignments panel – displays assignments that are coming due soon
  5. People panel – displays a list of all cohort users (instructor, mentors, and learners)

Post a Welcome Message

4. If there’s not yet any content in the Stream, write a welcome message for the cohort. Click into the comment field and write a message. Then click the Send icon.

The new message is displayed in the panel.

Announce Live Training Session

5. Next, add an assignment with the date and time of the live training session. Click View All in the ‘Upcoming Assignments’ panel.

NOTE: You may also want to add another message about the date and time of the live training session.

6. The Assignments page opens. Click the + Add button.

7. Type “Live Training Session” into the Name field. Select the date of the training session in the Due Date field. Then click Save

NOTE: If you want to attach a file to the assignment, just click the File tab and follow the prompts.

8. The training session appears in the Assignments list. Click the icon to close the Assignments page. 

9. The Live Training Session assignment appears in the Stream panel. It is also displayed on the cohort card.

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1. To share a link in the Stream, just write a note in the comment field about it, then click the Link button in the toolbar. 

2. The Link panel displays. Type the Display Text, and then copy/paste the URL. Next, click on the Target tab.

3. Select New Window (_blank) in the target drop-down. (This will display the linked content in a separate browser tab when a user clicks on it.) 

Click OK.

4. Click the Submit icon. The new link is displayed in the Stream.

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Embed Linked Content

1. You can embed linked content in the Stream as well. First, locate the embed code in the source content and copy it. 

(This example shows how to locate the embed code for a YouTube video.)

2. Back in the Stream, click on the Source button in the comment field toolbar.

3. The Source panel opens. Paste the embed code into the panel. Then click OK.

4. An ‘iFrame’ placeholder appears in the comment field. Click Submit to post the new embedded content.

5. The embedded content (in this case, a YouTube video) is now displayed directly in the Stream panel.

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Attach a File

There are two ways to attach a file to the Stream. 

Method 1 – Use Attachment Icon 

1. Click the Attachment icon next to the comment field.

2. An Assignment/File panel opens. Click the File tab.

3. Click the Attach Files button. Then follow the prompts to select the file you want to attach.

4. The filename appears in the Files window. Click Save.

5. The file is now displayed in the Stream and is available for learners to view/download.

Method 2 – Drag and Drop Attachment 

1. Simply drag and drop the file directly into the Stream. (“Drop” the file when the ‘Drop files here!’ message appears.)

2. The filename appears in the Files window. Click Save.

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Answer a Question

Learners may also post comments and questions to the StreamThere are two ways to attach a file to the Stream. Check the Stream regularly (2or 3 times per day) to see if there are any questions for you to address.

1. To answer a question just write your response in the comment field, then click the Submit icon.

2. Your response is added to the Stream, where all the learners will see it.

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Monitor Activity in the People Panel

The People panel provides an easy way to see who in the cohort is currently online

1. Just look at the People panel. Any users with a white dot next to their name are currently in the learning platform. Those without a white dot (and an icon/name in gray) are not currently in the system.

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