Your learners have a few different ways to ask questions in Spaces Learning. Here’s how to answer them.

Via the Mentors Page/Email

1. Learners can contact instructors and mentors directly via the Mentors page. They can click an email link to send a message to the instructor/mentor through their default email client. 

These questions will arrive to you as a regular email. To answer, just reply to the email.

Via the Stream

1. Learners may choose to ask questions directly in the Stream.

2. When this happens, just respond directly in the Stream as well. This can be helpful for other learners, as they may have the same question.

NOTE: You should check the Stream frequently for new questions and comments.

Via a Group Space

1. Learners may also ask questions within a Group Space. These questions are usually more topic-oriented and may be addressed by you or by other learners. 

To answer, just respond directly as you would in the Stream.

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