A Group Space is like the Stream page, but for breakout groups. 

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1. On the My Learning screen, click the Group Spaces option in the side menu. 

2. The Group Spaces page opens. By default, this page lists all Group Spaces and Cohorts/Classes you are enrolled in.

You can filter the page to show only your Group spaces by clicking the ‘All Selected’ filter at the upper left. Then de-select the ‘My Classes’ checkbox.

3. The page updates and displays only your Group Spaces. (This page is very similar to the Stream page.)

  1. Spaces list – all of the Group Spaces you are enrolled in. Click a Group Space to view the collaboration environment for that group.
  2. + Add – click this option to add a new Group Space
  3. Stream panel – this is where you and your group will post questions, comments, ideas, and content
  1. Start Live Session button – use this button to start a Live Session (virtual meeting) with your group
  2. People panel – displays a list of all users enrolled in the Group

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