You can customize the look and feel of your experience in Spaces Learning.

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Change the Theme

1. Spaces Learning can be displayed in several different themes, each with a different color scheme. Click your profile icon, then select the Change Theme option. 

Arrow pointing to Change Theme option in profile menu at top right of screen

2. Select the theme you want to switch to. 

Select a Theme screen with four theme options: Azure, Dark, Space, and Sunrise. Arrow is pointing to Space option.

3. The theme is updated.

Sample My Learning page, now displayed in the Space theme.

Change the Course Order

1. To change the position of a course on your My Learning screen, just click on the grabber icon and drag it to the desired location. 

Course card being dragged to a new position. An arrow is pointing at the card's grabber icon at its lower right corner.

Archive a Course

1. You can “archive” (or hide) courses you’ve completed. Just click the context menu at the lower left corner of the course, then select the Archive option. 

Arrow pointing at Archive option in the context menu of a course card.

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