The "Live Session/Virtual Classroom" in Spaces Learning is a live collaboration environment - similar to Zoom, Google Meet, and other tools. Refer to the section below for guidance on how to use the environment.

Start or Join 

1. Go to the Stream page for your learning program.

2. If the live session has already started, you'll see a Join button in the main Stream panel. Click the button.

If the live session has NOT started, just click the Start Live Session/Start Virtual Classroom button.

Using the Environment

The Live Session/Virtual Classroom provides a familiar, easy-to-use collaboration environment.

1. An indicator shows if the live session is being recorded.

2. Click the Grid icon to change the video layout.

3. Your webcam.

4. Chat panel. Type comments and questions here. You can also share files using the Attach icon.

5. The environment uses Noise Reduction by default. Click the icon to disable it.

6. Click Hang Up to exit the session.

7. Click Share Screen to share your device display with the group.

8. Activate or disable your webcam with this icon.

9. Activate or disable your microphone/audio with this icon.

10. Start or stop a recording of the session with this icon.

11. Click the More Options icon to change your Device Settings:

12. Click the People tab to see who is participating in the session, who is sharing their camera, and who is muted.

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