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There are two steps to create a “Interactive Video" activity in TILE Composer:

  1. Create the Interactive Video activity
  2. Map the activity to a lesson resource

Refer to each section below for step-by-step guidance.

Step 1: Create the Interactive Video Activity

Watch this video for a quick example of how to create an Interactive Video. You can also follow the Step-by-Step instructions below.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Access the Collaboration Admin Page

1. Select the Courses/Skills option in the side menu.

2. Select the context menu for your practice lesson, and then select the Edit Collaboration option.

3. (If this is your first time accessing the Collaboration Admin Page) select the “I agree…” checkbox to agree to the Bongo plugin terms of use. Then select OK at the bottom of the agreement.

4. The Collaboration Admin - "Assignments" page displays. Scroll down on the page for the next step.

Create Interactive Video

Select the ‘+’ icon at the bottom right corner of the page and then select the ‘video quiz’ icon to ‘Create interactive video assignment.’

  • 1 - The Create Interactive Video Assignment panel opens. Give your activity a name.
  • 2 - Write Instructions for the activity. (You have the option to record or upload a video here as well.)
  • 3 - Click the '+ video' icon in the interactive video section. You must add a video before you can add the questions.

Select a method to add a video. Select RECORD VIDEO to record a webcam or screenshare video. Select UPLOAD VIDEO to use a previously-recorded video. (Ignore the ‘SELECT FROM RESOURCES’ option.)

Follow the on-screen prompts to record or upload your video.

After adding the video, you will see a “video is processing message.” You can add questions for the video when it is finished processing.

  • 1 - To add a question, first use the play button or scrollbar to navigate to the point in the video where you want to ask a question.
  • 2- Then select the CREATE QUESTION button.

  • 3 - Select the Question Type – either Multiple Choice (user will select an answer) or Video Response (user will record a video answer and submit it).
  • 4 - Enter the Question.
  • 5 - Enter two or more answer Options. (The first answer in the list is always the correct one.)
  • 6 - (Optional) Enter feedback text or a hint for each answer option. You can click the ‘trash’ icon to remove an answer option.
  • 7 - Select OK when you are ready.

  • 8 - Repeat steps 2 through 7 for each question in the activity. (You can add up to 20 questions.)
  • 9 - Enter the score weight for each question. (The weight total must equal 100%.) You can click the menu (3 dots) for a question to edit or delete it.

  • 10 - Select the SHOW ADVANCED button.

  • 11 - Select the Deep Linking toggle to enable it.
  • 12 - Enter a Deep Linking Identifier for the activity, then select the Score Sync checkbox. IMPORTANT: The “Deep Linking Identifier” is the ID that will link the activity to resource instance in the course. Copy this ID for Step 2 – Map Activity to a Lesson Resource. (The ID should be all lower case without spaces.)
  • 13 - Select Save when you are finished configuring the activity.

Your new activity is displayed in the Assignment list. You’re almost done!

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Step 3: Map Activity to a Resource

Your activity is all set up, but there's one last step. You need to map it to a resource so your learners will be able to see and access it. In this step you’ll create a resource instance for the activity. 

1. Navigate to the target skill/lesson. Then select the Preview/Edit toggle at the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Select the Add Resource option.

3. Configure the Resource with the following settings:

  • 1 - The Resource settings panel opens. Give your activity a name.
  • 2 - Set the Position for the activity so it displays in the right order in the lesson.
  • 3 - Enter a brief Description of the activity. Learners will see this description in the course interface.
  • 4 - Set the Resource Type to "Activity."
  • 5 - Enter the “Deep Linking Identifier” ID from Step 2 into the URL/Filename field.
  • 6 - Set the Resource Format to "Collaboration Video."
  • 7 - Set the Completion Logic to "Externally Scored."
  • 8 - Select Save when you are ready.

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More Info

Click here for more information about how to use the Interactive Video activity type.