Setting up a new cohort (or class) involves three main steps:

  1. Create Cohort
  2. Map Skills/Lessons
  3. Add Learners

Step 1: Create Cohort

1. From the My Learning page, click + Add Cohort

2. Enter settings for the new cohort.

  1. Enter a Name for the new cohort. (NOTE: recommend including the date or other designator unique to the cohort.)
  2. Select the target Product (collection of learning programs) in the Product drop-down menu.
  3. Optional: Enter the Start Date for the cohort.
  4. Optional: Enter the End Date for the cohort.
  5. Enter a Description for the new cohort. 
  6. Enter a unique Code identifier for the cohort. This can be anything, but must be all lowercase, with no spaces.
  7. Select Learning (Journey) in the Starts In drop-down menu.


Click Save.

Step 2: Map Skills/Lessons

1. Click Yes in the ‘Map Lessons’ pop-up message.

2. The ‘Lessons/Skills’ panel opens. Select the skills you want learners in this cohort to complete. (Skill are organized by paths.) Then click the right arrow in the middle portion of the panel.

NOTE: You can use the Search field to find specific skills or paths. 

3. The selected Skills are now displayed on the right side of the panel in the ‘In Cohort’ area. Click OK

Step 3: Add Learners

1. Click Yes in the ‘Add Learners’ pop-up message.

2. Next, add instructors/trainers and mentors to the cohort, following the same process used in step 4 above. 

By default, each user is given a “learner” role. To change the role for a user, select their name in the list and then click the appropriate icon at the bottom of the ‘In Cohort’ panel (e.g., ‘Mentor’ or ‘Teacher’).


Click OK when ready.

3. The new cohort is displayed on the My Learning page, for everyone who was enrolled into the cohort. 

Test New Cohort

Do a quick check of the cohort. Click the cohort card to open the course. Check the Journey screen and open each Skill and Resource to confirm that everything loads properly.

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