Do a quick check to make sure your resources load.

1. Click the Edit toggle in the upper right corner, to switch to ‘Preview’ mode. 

2. Click on the resource. A slideout panel appears, with information about your resource and a launch button.

Click the launch button to open and review your resource.

3. Make edits to the Resource setting if needed. Repeat for each resource you want to test.

NOTE: If your organization does not own the content for the resource, click the Features tab and then set the Display Type to ‘Popup’ to display the resource in a different browser tab. (The default ‘iFrame’ setting will display the resource within the Spaces Learning interface.) 

Some sites, like YouTube, allow you to embed content – even if you don’t own it. In this case, leave the Display Type set to ‘iFrame.’ (For some sites, you will need to use the “embed” code for this to work.)

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