Quizzes appear alongside Resources in the Skill page, but the process for adding them is a little different. There's two main steps to create a quiz: first you create the quiz, and then you add questions to the quiz. This is true for informal "Knowledge Checks" as well as for formal quizzes and assessments.

The steps for adding quiz questions is covered in a separate article: Add Questions to a Quiz

Add a Quiz

1. First, go to the Journey page and click the Preview/Edit button if you’re not in Edit mode already. To add content to a skill, you need to open it. Click on a skill you want to add content to.

Then click the + Add Quiz button.

2. Enter the quiz settings on the General tab:

  1. Name of the quiz
  2. Type of the quiz (set to Outcome by default)
  3. Passing Threshold
  4. Duration
  5. Display Previous Answers (if set to yes, quiz will display learner’s answers in the previous quiz attempt)
  6. Question Feedback (set to All Possible Choices by default)
  7. Description (information/instructions for the learner)

3. Enter more settings on the Advanced tab:

  1. Questions Order (recommend Bank or Random)
  2. Questions Retake (recommend Indifferent)
  3. Number or Questions per page (recommend leaving at 1, unless creating a survey)
  4. Instructions (displays extra information in a pop-up window when quiz is launched)
  5. Number of Questions – sets the number of Easy, Medium, and Hard questions to display in the quiz (recommend only setting the Easy number if the questions don’t vary in difficulty)
  6. Scoring Weight (if desired, you can vary the scoring weight for Easy, Medium, and Hard questions)

Click Save when done.

4. The new Quiz appears in the skill. To add questions to the quiz, select the context menu and then select the Manage Questions option.

Refer to the article Add Questions to a Quiz for further instructions.

NOTE: If you add a Quiz of type "Resource," it won't immediately appear in the Skill. First you need to create a Resource for that skill. Click here to learn how.

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