Spaces Learning has an integrated AI-curation tool that you can use to augment your content dynamically. First, you’ll create an AI-generated content curation, then you’ll point one or more resources to that curation.

Adding AI-generated content involves two main steps:

  1. Create an AI Curation
  2. Link AI Curation to a Resource (or Skill/Lesson)

Create an AI Curation

1. Click the Composer tab at the top of the page.

2. Click the AI-Powered Curation option in the Composer side menu.

3. Add topics, filters, and other criteria to the curation settings and give your curation a Name.

NOTE: you can enter media types as keywords (e.g., "video") if you want certain formats to be included.

4. Click Create curation when you’re ready.

Your new AI curation is displayed in the curation list, ready to be mapped to your course! Continue to the next section to learn how this is done.

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Link AI Curation to a Resource

1. Click the Portal tab at the top of the page, and then navigate back to the skill you are working in.

2. Identify the resource you want to map the AI Curation to (e.g., “AI Resource 1”) and go to edit mode for that resource.

  • Select ‘AI Curated Content’ for the Type drop-down.
  • Select the curation you just created in the AI Curation for Resource drop-down.
  • Select ‘AI Collection’ for the Format.
  • Click Save.

The resource dynamically populates with the top result from the AI-curation. (This resource will change periodically as newer and more relevant content sources emerge from the AI algorithm.)

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