There are three causes of this issue:

1.    Most Common Issue is Mistaking Letters and Numbers:

All letters are capital letters and the codes are case sensitive. Please make sure there are no Leading or Trailing spaces.

  • Ones and eye's.
  • Zero's and Oh's
  • Two's and Zee's
  • Ess and Five

2.    Redeeming Codes in the Wrong Place:

Codes needs to be redeemed in the correct place. There are instructions with your code that tell you to either create an account. The URL to create your account is found with the directions that came with your code.

Type the URL included with your code in the address bar.

NOTE: DO NOT simply search for Toolwire - searching usually brings up the wrong link.


Launch a link found within your classroom.

NOTE: If you cannot find the link, you will need to ask your school or instructor as Toolwire does not place the links in your Classrooms.

3.    Flash Must be Enabled:

Additionally you might need to enable Flash.

NOTE: We recommend Chrome which includes Flash.

        Turn on Adobe Flash Player
        1) On your computer, open Chrome
        2) At the top right, click three dots and then Settings
        3) Do a search for Flash
        4) Click Content settings
        5) Under "Flash," choose "Allow sites to run Flash"
        6) Make sure "Ask First" is turned off
        7) Close out of setting.
        8) Close the Tab and go back and re-launch the Toolwire link.

        NOTE: If you choose to have websites ask, but you don't see a prompt when you visit a webpage, follow these steps:
        Turn on Adobe Flash Player
        1) To the left of the web address, click the icon you see: Lock, Info, or Dangerous
        2) Next to "Flash," and "Popups" click the Arrows
        3) Select "Always allow on this site" (Do not keep Use Global Default(Allow))
        4) Reload the webpage

ADDITIONAL NOTE: If this still does not work. Looks for a puzzle piece on the right hand side of the Address bar. Click that and choose to allow plugins to run. If you see this you will need to click the puzzle piece every time.