When trying to access your lab content, you are receiving a message such as "Session has Expired", or "Cookies are Disabled".


Toolwire content launches from a secure, time-based link. The launch link on the Toolwire lab description page expires after a few minutes. This error message is often seen when the connection to your content is lost or your session times-out and you are returned to your original launch page which has gone stale. 

Common reasons for this include

  • Internet connectivity was lost
  • Walking away from the lab for too long
  • Accessing a bookmarked link directly to the lab
  • The link to the lab was cached by your browser or internet connection


A new, fresh link to the lab must be followed from your campus portal or Toolwire account. 

  • Close all open browser windows
  • Open a fresh browser window
  • Log into your campus portal or Toolwire account
  • Follow the links to launch a fresh connection to your Toolwire lab content