The final step when creating a quiz is to map it to a resource, so your learners will be able to see and access it. Watch this video for a quick example of how to map a quiz to a resource. You can also follow the Step-by-Step instructions below.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Select the Resources option in the side menu.

2. The Resource Mapper page loads. Make sure it is the right page for your practice lesson/course by looking at the breadcrumbs at the top of the screen. If your lesson/course isn't displayed, click the last breadcrumb to open the course selection screen and then select your lesson. Then select the sample "Quiz" resource in the resource list, or click the Add Resource button (if there's not a Quiz resource yet in your lesson).

  • 1 - The Resource Settings panel opens. Enter a name for your quiz - learners will see this title in the course interface.
  • 2 - Set the Position, or order you want the quiz to appear to your learners.
  • 3 - Enter a brief Description of your quiz. Learners will see this description in the course interface.
  • 4 - Set the Type to 'Quiz.'
  • 5 - Select the target quiz in the Quiz drop-down selector.
  • 6 - Set the Format to 'Quiz.'
  • 7 - Set the Duration for the quiz. This will also be seen by learners and should be the same duration you previously set for the quiz.
  • 8 - Set the Completion Logic to 'Completed by Quiz.'
  • 9 - Set the Passing Threshold for the quiz - this should also match the threshold you set previously in the Quiz settings.
  • 10 - Select Save when you are ready.

3. The Quiz resource is now updated and ready for your learners!

NOTE: If the Quiz is not yet mapped, click the empty cell next to the quiz name to activate it.

Click OK in the confirmation box. The quiz is now activated and ready for your learners!

If you would like a preview of what your learners will experience when they take the quiz, continue to the next section.

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Check Learner Access to Quiz

Follow the steps below to check the appearance and behavior of your quiz for learners.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Exit Composer by selecting the Portal option at the top of the screen.

2. Locate and select your quiz in the interface. Then click Play button to launch it.

3. The quiz loads. Read and answer each question to check on wording, appearance, scoring behavior, etc. Then revise your quiz settings if necessary.

Your quiz is ready for use! Repeat steps 1-3 of this guide for any additional quizzes you want to add.

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