Enrolling your learners into a course cohort involves two main steps:

  1. Create a Cohort
  2. Enroll Learners

This article covers Step 1, Create a Cohort. Watch this video to see how these enrollment steps are done. You can also follow the Step-by-Step instructions below. (Refer to Enroll Your Learners for information on enrolling learners.)

Step 1: Create a Cohort

Follow the steps below to create a course cohort in TILE Composer. 

NOTE: Due to recent updates to TILE Composer, this process varies slightly from what was shown in the podcast for this skill.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Go to TILE Composer and select the Advanced checkbox in the side menu.

2. Select the Cohorts option in the side menu.

The Cohorts page opens. Select the Add Cohort button.

The Cohort panel opens. 

  1. Enter a Title for the cohort. We recommend including the name of the course and the timeframe or similar identifier for the cohort (e.g., “Fall 2020”).
  2. Assign a Code to the cohort. This code must be unique to the cohort and should not have any spaces or punctuation. NOTE: you will use this code when you enroll your learners so make a note of it.
  3. Select the User Assignment Logic you want to use for the cohort:
    • Users Manually assigned Cohorts. The instructor will import or manually assign learners into the cohort.
    • Assign Users to Cohort starting in the next future start date. TILE will automatically assign any users who are registered to the course into the cohort at midnight on the designated ‘Start Date.’ (NOTE: You need to select a Start Date and End Date to use this option.)
  4. Select Save.

The Cohort is added.

Map Cohort to Lessons and Course

After you create the cohort, you need to map it to all of the lessons (or skills) in your course.

1. Change the Display drop-down to "Cohort Mapping." Then click the Courses tab. 

2. A mapping matrix displays. Click the cell next to each course lesson you want to map to your cohort.

NOTE: TILE currently uses the term "Course" on this page, but think of these as lessons (or "skills") in your course.

3. Next, select the Users tab. There are no learners available to add to the Cohort – it’s time to enroll them! (Refer to the "Enroll Your Learners" article for more info)

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