TILE Composer has a tool, "My Content," that you can use to upload your resources to TILE's media server. Watch this video to see how to upload your resources to TILE using the “My Content” tool. You can also follow the Step-by-Step instructions below.


Step-by-Step Instructions

Upload Resources

1. Locate and open your Curation Design spreadsheet (or other source document) and take note of any resources that are offline and need to be uploaded.

2. Select the Advanced checkbox in the side menu. Then select the ‘Global’ heading.

3. Select the My Content tool in the side menu.

4. The My Content tool displays. Click + New at the top of the tool interface, then select Media.

(NOTE: ‘My Content’ is a WordPress plug-in working in TILE, so if you have used WordPress before this interface should be familiar to you!)

5. The ‘Upload New Media’ page opens. Select or drag & drop one or more files you want to upload to TILE. 

The file is uploaded to TILE’s media server.

NOTE: You can upload multiple files at once - as many as you select.

Copy Resource Location URLs

1. When you are finished uploading resources, select the Media option in the My Content side menu. This will display the ‘Media Library’ page.

2. Select one of the resources you uploaded.

3. The ‘Attachment Details’ panel opens. Locate the Copy Link field in the side panel and copy the URL/link. Then paste the link into your curation spreadsheet, or another document, to save it for later.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for any other resources you have uploaded to TILE.

Your resource files are now uploaded to TILE’s media server, and you have documented the unique URL/location for each file. Next, you’ll need to use TILE Composer to update the URL location for each resource you uploaded. Continue on to see how.

Update URL Locations

Watch this video for a quick example of how to update the URL location for any resources you uploaded with the “My Content” tool. You can also follow the Step-by-Step instructions below.


Step-by-Step Instructions

1. De-select the Advanced option in the TILE Composer side menu.

2. Select the Resources option in the side menu.

3. The Resource Mapper loads. Make sure it is the right page for your practice lesson/course by looking at the breadcrumbs at the top of the screen. If your lesson/course isn't displayed, click the last breadcrumb to open the course selection screen and then select your lesson. Then select one of the resources you just uploaded a file for to TILE.

4. Paste the URL location link you copied while in the 'My Content' tool.

5. Select SaveYour uploaded resources are now ready for use.

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