A) I updated Flash and I still cannot get in.

B) I launch the LearnScape and it keeps loading.

C) I launch the LearnScape and I am getting a blank white page.

This is because Flash has been disabled in your browser. We highly recommend using Chrome as it performs better with our content.

Running Flash in Chrome:

1)    Click the Plugin blocked to the right in the address bar.

2)    Click Run all plugins this time. (This will have to be done every time the LearnScape is launched.)

Additional adjustments:

Turn on Adobe FlashPlayer

1) To the leftof the web address, click the icon you see: Lock, Info, or Dangerous

2) Next to"Flash," and "Popups" click the Arrows

3) Select"Always allow on this site" (Do not keep Use Global Default(Allow))

4) Reload thewebpage

5) Close that taband go back and relaunch the Toolwire lab.