A) I updated Flash and I still cannot get in.

B) I launch the GameScape and it keeps loading.

C) I launch the GameScape and I am getting a blank white page.

This is because Flash has been disabled in your browser. We highly recommend using Chrome as it performs better with our content.


Turn on Adobe Flash Player in Settings:

1) On your computer, open Chrome
2) At the top right, click three dots and then Settings
3) Do a search for Flash
4) Click Content settings
5) Under "Flash," choose "Allow sites to run Flash"
6) Make sure "Ask First" is turned off
7) Close out of setting.
8) Close the Tab and go back and re-launch the Toolwire link.

Turn on Adobe Flash Player next to URL:
1) To the left of the web address, click the icon you see: Lock, Info, or Dangerous
2) Next to "Flash," and "Popups" click the Arrows
3) Select "Always allow on this site" (Do not keep Use Global Default(Allow))
4) Reload the webpage
5) Close that tab and go back and relaunch the Toolwire lab.

**Additionally you can click the puzzle piece with the red exclamation point to the right of the address and choose allow plugins to run. But completing the steps under settings should resolve this issue.