Your school may have enabled one or both of two methods for saving your work, the My Files (U:) folder and File Transfer Tool.

My Files (U:)

If the lab has a My Files (U:) folder located on the Desktop, any work moved to that location will be saved. All of your homework should be saved to this location.

Note: Any files saved outside of this folder WILL BE LOST when you close the lab window.

File Transfer Tool

The File Transfer Tool (FTT) allows you to download files from the remote desktop to your local computer. This may be required to submit files to your instructor. Clicking the File Transfer button at the top of the lab will open the FTT window. If prompted, be sure to click Allow to give access to download remote files.

By default, you are brought to the root directory of the remote hard drive (C:) and will need to follow the links to navigate to the files you would like to download locally. For example, files on your lab's desktop would be found by following the links through Users/Administrator/Desktop. Files can then be downloaded to your local computer by clicking on them.

Special characters may cause troubles in downloading your file. Please be sure your filename does not include any special characters, other than spaces, dashes, or underscores.

If you do not have the required software installed on your local computer to run these files, they can still be saved and submitted to your instructor. 


Can I take a break and come back to the lab later?

Must I do all of the steps within a lab?